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Story of PACE


The term "PACE" perfectly captures the speed and progress of our company. It's a reminder that despite the challenges we've faced and will face, we've consistently maintained our pace. PACE highlights the swiftness and progress we've made, making it a shining example for you to keep your pace in your pursuit of success. PACE signifies the importance of not giving up—it embodies both time and the need to maintain our momentum. It represents the ongoing journey we're on to achieve our goals.


Calling the brand "PACE" exudes elegance and strength, creating a sense of inner peace and vitality within an active body. The name conveys a message of sustained success, impossible to ignore in its awe-inspiring wonder. PACE is synonymous with a brand that aligns itself with winners.

          In the realm of sports, where personal health and fitness are paramount, many professionals make daily exercise a routine. In sports like running and hiking, performance is often measured by pace—a crucial element determining their personal best. Inspired by this, we chose to name our sportswear brand PACE, symbolizing the essence of a sports professional's spirit.

          The design philosophy of PACE centers on form complemented by function. Our products are tailored to suit the specific needs of each sport. Utilizing cooling and breathable materials, PACE apparel ensures ultimate comfort during athletic pursuits. We embrace a minimalist design approach, accentuating the natural curves and presenting an aesthetic outlook for sports apparel. Leveraging technological advancements, our research and development team, along with product designers, have crafted a series of sports apparel lines tailored to individual tastes—ACTIVE DRY, CLIMAFIT, COOL TECH, ICE TECH, and ZERO PRO. PACE is dedicated to offering the coolest and most comfortable sports apparel for all athletes.

         With its minimalist concept, PACE effortlessly embodies a classic design, standing the test of time as an evergreen and all-time favorite. In recent years, PACE has established itself as a CLASSIC COOLING Sport Apparel, empowering athletes to achieve higher performance levels.


PACE, a distinguished sports clothing brand, is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of athletes. Our clientele includes professional badminton players, E-sports competitors, and individuals from various sporting disciplines. Throughout our journey, our unwavering commitment has been to prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our product users, keeping our customers at the forefront of our design considerations.

          Originating from humble beginnings in Kedah, Malaysia, PACE has evolved to reach new heights in the sports apparel industry. We take pride in our involvement in prestigious events such as LIMA and SUKMA, where we not only participate but also contribute by providing essential supplies. Our growth and success are rooted in the ethos of understanding and catering to the unique needs of athletes, ensuring that our products enhance their performance while delivering unparalleled comfort.



The PACE project, initiated in 2018, was the vision of our founder, CC Teoh, a dedicated sports enthusiast. With a fervent passion for sports and a commitment to research and development, CC Teoh transformed his business interest into creating superior sports apparel. Unlike others, his approach was marked by seriousness and passion, prioritizing the development of sportswear where quality equates to comfort and durability. Recognizing the importance of trust in sports equipment, he utilized his business acumen to find and create sports apparel that athletes can rely on. This passion and dedication led to the birth of PACE.



In our PACE R&D Department, we are committed to ongoing improvement driven by customer feedback. We make adjustments to design, materials, and packaging to ensure customer satisfaction. With a dedicated market research team, our motto of continuous improvement reflects our belief in adapting to inevitable changes as time progresses. We value and welcome all customer proposals for consideration.

          We remain devoted to keeping the PACE spirit alive, reaching out to all PACE supporters and enthusiasts. Our PACE products are readily available online, in stores, and at events, ensuring accessibility wherever you go. When you spot the PACE logo, you've found us. Welcome to PACE!